Employment Law

Recognized as a pre-eminent employment counsel and has represented numerous plaintiffs in state and federal court in actions including breach of contract, discrimination, harassment, and violations of various statutes. Randy also obtained the largest individual discrimination verdict in the state of Nevada. Randy does not take cases for settlement purposes but takes them with one goal in mind - tell a jury his client's story and allow that jury to make a decision about the case. Randy stays on top of employment law cases in all jurisdictions where he practices, and reviews every case taken on appeal to the United States Supreme Court in employment cases to determine if the outcome of the case could affect any of his current clients. Randy has litigated against huge law firms from not only Las Vegas but also New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Randy does not fear opposing attorneys or trying a case in court.

Randy's cases include verdicts and settlements against municipalities, counties, states, and private businesses ranging from small claims to those involving millions of dollars.