Employment Clients

"I have watched jury trials in the movies with carefully scripted actors playing roles and creating moving scenes for the audience. Watching Randy during my two-week jury trial was even more dramatic. I was mesmerized by his command of the courtroom. It was better than anything I had ever seen in a movie. One Randy Rumph is worth a dozen other lawyers!"

Dr. Raafat Mohammadkhani, client

"I went to one of the biggest firms in the city and they referred me to Randy to handle my case. It was against a big, nationwide corporation with billions in assets. I was afraid that this huge company might use its resources to force us to quit. To the contrary, Randy traveled out of state and uncovered a policy of discrimination at the corporate level that is unheard of in this day and age. Randy ended up showing that big company a thing or two. The end result was a favorable settlement for me and it provided a new life for me and my son."

Lauretta Harris, former client

"After I served a large company for fourteen years, I was sexually harassed and terminated after I complained. I didn't know which way to go or what to do when I learned about Randy. He listened to what I had to say and explained how the law applied to my case. I was scared because I had been told my former company had a reputation that no attorney had ever defeated them. After expressing my fears to Randy, he explained that he knew the law and I had a case. At first I felt like David against Goliath but Randy showed no fear. At the end of the day he was able to get me a good settlement. I am very pleased with Randy's services as he is not only an excellent attorney but a great human being. He is kind, reasonable and knows how to listen. I will recommend Randy to anyone because of his dedication, honesty, confidence, and outstanding work. Thank you Randy for believing in me and helping me the way you did. God bless you and keep up the great work."

Elizabeth Percolla, client

"I have known Randy for twelve years. He was first a customer when I was representing a legal publishing group, then a friend and finally as my attorney in an age discrimination lawsuit. Randy is compassionate, intelligent, extremely hard working, honest and the true definition of what a lawyer should be. He is an advocate for his clients in that he leaves no stone unturned in his representation and tirelessly works to represent his clients. He is an extremely accomplished litigator. Judges and juries respect him because he is straightforward, open and personable. In my case he took on a large multinational organization and to date has won two substantial jury verdicts in my favor. One of Randy’s outstanding attributes is his ability to successfully practice law and at the same time maintain his Christian philosophies and beliefs. He likewise has an ability to explain the law in an uncomplicated manner. Anyone who has been wronged can do no better than Randy as their attorney. I consider myself fortunate to have Randy as my friend and my attorney."

Larry Dillon, client

"Randy was the third attorney I turned to in my case. I think the others feared the attorney on the other side as well as the party I was litigating against. Randy was fearless and took my case to a jury and we won a large judgment against a wealthy and powerful man. I know many attorneys and have never met one as smart or as dedicated and passionate as Randy. I refer anyone who has a legal dispute to Randy."

Socorro Keenan, former client

"After almost thirty-five years of service with my former employer I was summarily discharged. I started out with one lawyer who quickly referred the case to Randy. He immediately identified the issues, hired experts, and got the case ready for trial. A federal magistrate told me Randy's success in the pre-trial stages was unprecedented. We turned down a substantial sum right before trial to settle the case. A jury returned a verdict for twice the settlement offer. The company tried to have thecase thrown out before the trial, during the trial, and after the trial, yet Randy defeated each of these attempts."

Gordon MaCaulay, former client

"After being passed over for promotions because of what I believed was age discrimination, I turned to Randy for help. He took my case and handled it through every phase, including a successful jury trial. I refer anyone who has an employment issue to Randy."

Peggy Sell, former client

"After talking to numerous attorneys to take on my husband's wrongful termination claim against the City of McFarland, we found Randy. He was willing to take a chance on us. We were simply grateful to have someone on our side who would listen. We were quickly impressed with Randy's go-get-em attitude and his extended knowledge of the law. He never showed any doubt in us while listening to my husband's claims and started working on the case immediately. Randy dedicated 110% of his expert knowledge and energy towards the complex case. We received absolute professionalism from Randy, yet he treated us more like friends than simply another client. Randy was able to get my husband a large settlement from the City when other attorneys were unwilling to help. It was nice to be able to finally go on with our lives. They say you can't fight City Hall. Ha! Randy Rumph can!"

Sandra & John Ward, former clients

"I worked for my former employer for over thirty-three years and was laid off abruptly at age fifty-nine one week before Thanksgiving. If that wasn't bad enough, my life partner of over thirty-five years had just passed away two months earlier. I needed someone to stand with me and fight the good fight. That person was Randy Rumph. I was referred to Randy by a friend whose attorney stated that Randy was highly regarded in employment law. Selecting Randy as my legal counsel was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Randy set realistic expectations early on but it became abundantly clear that he is a fighter and was in this to win! I was shocked at how large my case file became. He is extremely thorough and looks at every piece of evidence from all perspectives and he then very methodically builds his case. Randy was easy to talk to and always took the time to answer my numerous questions. Randy has my highest recommendation, admiration and respect for the legal services he provided. I couldn't be more pleased with the settlement and most importantly the justice that was served."

Deborah Roth, former client